5 Minot Avenue

Starting Monday March 13th, citylink will suspend service to route 5 Minot Ave

However, ALL IS NOT LOST for Minot Ave Riders. WMTS has agreed to support Minot Ave Riders with Demand Response Service. Demand Response does allow for Minot Avenue Riders to call and reserve a ride. It’s not like a taxi or Uber/Lyft, it does take some planning but if you know you need a ride every day, they can set you up with a regular ride. If you know you have an appointment at 10am on Thursday, you can call them as early as 2 weeks in advance to schedule that ride. You may not be able to call them 10 minutes from when you need to travel but you may be able to go with an hour or two notice. With as much advance planning as possible, Minot Avenue riders will not be stranded.

Call WMTS at 207-777-4563 to schedule a ride. citylink is working hard to provide a low impact solution to a very difficult situation. As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these challenges.