High Crash Locations

2020 to 2022 Maine High Crash Locations

A map of High Crash Locations for the State of Maine for the period of 2020 to 2022. Please note that: 

  1. While High Crash Locations are a useful tool on a statewide level as they show most of the hot spots, they do not include every place where there are opportunities for safety improvements, and;
  2. As your focus becomes more localized, it's important to consider the individual crashes in any analysis.
  3. This map should be used as a guide and true High Crash Locations should be verified with a local police department and the MaineDOT.

A High Crash Location (HCL) is a location that has had eight or more traffic crashes and a Critical Rate Factor (CRF) greater than 1.00 in a three-year period. A highway location with a CRF greater than 1.00 has a frequency of crashes that is greater than the statewide average for similar locations. A CRF is a statistical measure to determine the "expected crash rate" as compared to similar intersections in the State of Maine. In this regard, the analysis considers both the number of crashes and exposure over a three year period.

All data gathered from MaineDOT.  For more details and to print crash data, please visit the MaineDOT MapViewer Link here:  HCL Map and Reports Link