1. How much does a ride cost?

There are three different fare categories: Regular, Senior/ADA and Student. Cash fares are as follows:
Regular: $1.50
Senior/ADA: $0.75
Student: $1.25 (any student with a valid student ID)

2. How do I know if the bus is going where I want to go?

The destination sign on the front of the bus will tell you what bus route it serves. Ask a bus driver if you aren’t sure which route your destination is located on. Prior to your trip you can use Google Maps to see if the bus goes where you want to go and to plan your trip.

3. How do I know if the bus is going to stop at a certain place?

The buses stop at citylink bus stop signs. Passengers request their stop by pulling the yellow cord inside the bus which will activate the stop request sign. The bus driver will stop at the nearest bus stop sign.

4. Where can I catch a bus?

Passengers can catch citylink by waiting at “citylink bus stop” signs located along each bus route. The signs are purple and reflective silver.

5. Does the bus go to SeniorsPlus (8 Falcon Road, Lewiston)?

The Main Street bus travels on Mollison Way and will stop for passengers to board and debark near Falcon Road on Mollison Way where SeniorsPlus is located.

6. Where can I buy a pass?

Passes can be purchased at Hannaford (Auburn and Lewiston), Shaw’s (Auburn and Lewiston),  Auburn City Hall (Tax Office), Lewiston City Hall (City Clerk’s Office),  and at USM/LA.

7. Can I catch the bus in front of my house?

If you live on a citylink bus route you will have to walk a short distance to the nearest bus stop sign. citylink is a fixed route bus system meaning the buses travel the same route and on the same roads each trip. The bus does not divert from the route.

8. Is there a free shuttle?

Yes, there is one free shuttle. The Mall Shuttle serves Auburn’s mall area between Center Street (U.S. Route 4), Turner Street, and Central Maine Community College. Passengers can get on and off the bus as many times as they want without having to pay a fare. Once passengers leave the mall service area you are required to pay a fare on your return trip home.

9. What do the routes and colors mean?

The route names, route number and colors are used to help people identify the buses and locations the buses serve. The colors and route numbers are used in the bus schedule and are also on each bus to help passengers identify the bus they need.

10. Is there a senior citizen discount?

Yes, senior citizens and individuals with a disability ride for $0.75, half-fare. A senior citizen is a person age 65 and older.

11. Are there bus passes?

Yes. citylink offers multi-ride passes and monthly bus passes. There is a regular fare 6-ride pass for $7.50 and a senior/ADA fare 11-ride pass for $7.50. The multi-ride passes are discounted providing passengers with one free ride.

Passengers can also purchase monthly passes which allow for unlimited rides during the month. Monthly passes cost $36.00 for regular fare, and $18.00 for senior/ADA and students. Monthly passes are only good for the month indicated on the pass.

12. Can anyone buy a pass?

Yes. A friend or relative can buy a pass as a favor or as a gift. The bus drivers are responsible for checking to see if people are using a valid pass.

13. How do I pay for my ride? Is there a coin box?

You can pay for your ride using cash, a multi-ride bus pass or a monthly bus pass. There is a fare box located at the front of the bus for cash fares. Please be sure to have exact fare because bus drivers do not have change. The use of multi-ride passes and monthly passes eliminates the need to worry about having the exact fare.

If you are using a multi-ride pass present your pass to the driver and he/she will punch out a trip. The multi-ride passes are good for either 6 rides or 11 rides. If you have a monthly pass, show the driver the front of the pass as you board so the driver can verify that it is for the correct month. Monthly passes need to be signed on the back of the pass.

14. How many bags (grocery, Walmart, etc.) can I carry onto the bus?

Passengers can bring on as many bags as they can carry in one trip.  Handcarts are allowed on the bus. The passenger is required to keep their cart out of the aisle

15. I can’t climb stairs; I use a walker – is there a way for me to get on/off the bus?

Yes. If you have difficulty climbing stairs ask the bus driver if he/she could extend the ramp or lift. citylink has both low floor buses and standard floor buses. The low floor buses have a ramp at the front of the bus that is used for passengers using wheelchairs or other mobility impairments. Standard floor or high floor buses have a lift located towards the back of the bus.

16. Does the bus run 7 days a week?

No. citylink runs a full schedule Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:15 PM, and a limited schedule on Saturday, 9:15 AM to 5:15 PM.

17. Does the bus run on holidays?

citylink does run on some holidays. It does not run on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

18. Does the bus run during bad weather?

citylink does operate in bad weather as long as conditions allow. If citylink is to be shut down for the day or shutdown early notice is given to the major television stations, as well as posting on citylink’s website, www.purplebus.org. People can sign up on citylink’s website to automatically receive an email or a text message if a notice is posted. You may also receive citylink notices by following @purplebusla via Twitter. www.purplebus.org

19. Is there a restroom on the bus?

No. There are public restrooms at the Downtown Auburn Transportation Center located in the Great Falls Plaza, Auburn.

20. If I need assistance getting on/off the bus (up/down the steps), will someone help me?

Yes. Bus drivers are trained to assist passengers if asked by the passenger.