Community Resilience Partnership

Governor’s Office of Policy, Innovation, and the Future’s Community Resilience Partnership

About the Community Resilience Partnership

This program will provide $4.75 million over the next two years to fund projects that reduce energy use and costs and/or make communities more resilient to severe weather and changing environments. 

 Two Grant Opportunities

  1. Community action grants are given directly to communities who are enrolled in the partnership to implement these 72 resiliency actions with no match required. Grant awards are up to $50,000 for each municipality or up to $100,000 when two to five communities’ partner on a project. These funds can also be used as match for other grants, including federal programs, that support any of the 72 prescribed actions. Grants applications are due in March and September of 2022 with similar deadlines anticipated in 2023.
  2. Service provider grants are available to service providers and county governments to assist between two - five communities, including plantations and townships enroll in the partnership and apply for their first grant. Grants to assist communities’ range between $10,000 - $125,000 per community depending on size. Grants applications are due in February and August of 2022 with similar deadlines anticipated in 2023. 

 Steps for enrolling in the partnership

  1. Adopt a resolution of commitment. Select Boards or Councils must adopt a resolution. Whereas, County Commissioners or Board Assessors must submit a letter of support which includes required resolution language. In addition, a letter of support from the LUPC for communities under their jurisdiction is also required. Draft resolution language available here
  2. Complete a pair of self-assessments of current resilience by completing this self-assessment and identifying which of these 72 actions have already been taken. 
  3. Hold a public meeting to review the self-assessment results and develop a prioritized project list.  
  4. Complete the Community Resilience Partnership application here

You may submit your partnership application either before or while submitting your grant application. 

Additional technical assistance

  1. A list of alternative service providers looking to assist communities join the partnership is found here.
  2. Our regional coordinator, Yvette Meunier,  is available to provide continued support beyond the service provider roll to enrolled communities to find and help apply for additional grant funds.

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Click here to view more actions you can take:  /DocumentCenter/View/4866

  1. Zach Gosselin

    Environmental and Resiliency Planner
    Phone: (207) 783-9186 x205