How to Ride Guide

Easy steps to riding citylink:

  1. Get the information you need to reach your destination, including bus route(s), departure and arrival times, and fare information by either:
  2. Once you know when your bus will arrive, be sure to wait at a citylink bus stop sign at least 5 minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive.
  3. Watch for your bus. When the bus approaches look at the destination sign (located above the front window) for the route name. Colored route numbers are also located to the left of the front door that should match the route color and number listed on your schedule. If you are unsure, ask the bus driver if he or she is going to your destination.
  4. Have your cash fare, multi-ride pass or monthly pass and any other required identification ready before you board. Use handrails to safely board the bus.
  5. Place your money in the farebox or hand your multi-ride pass to the driver to be punched or show your monthly pass and proper identification to the driver if requested as you get on the bus. citylink drivers and fareboxes do not make change.
  6. Take a seat, relax and watch for your destination. Be respectful of your fellow passengers.
  7. As your stop location approaches, signal the driver by pulling the overhead cord or pushing the “stop request” button once to ring the bell and turn on the “Request to Stop” light. When exiting the bus, make sure the bus comes to a complete stop and the doors are fully opened before getting off. If you are transferring to another bus, be sure to ask the driver for a transfer before getting off.