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March 19, 2020

Covid-19 citylink Information

Due to COVID, all citylink buses continue to operate at half capacity. As more people are going back to work and the weather gets colder certain, bus routes, College Street specifically, are experiencing capacity constraints. The first week of the month is particularly busy, so if possible plan your trip first thing in the morning or after 2:00 PM, avoid taking College Street if possible, and ride citylink for essential trips only. Buses departing the Oak Street bus station to the Downtown Auburn Transportation Center include the Downtown Shuttle, New Auburn and Pettengill Park. Once at the Auburn Transportation Center you can transfer onto the Auburn Malls bus. This trip may take you a little longer but you won’t be left having to wait for the next bus. Remember to ask the driver for a transfer when getting off the bus in Auburn.

Please be respectful of the driver and other passengers, essential trips only, and no large objects that cannot be contained in your space.

BUS STATIONS – The Auburn and Lewiston bus stations will remain closed.

BUSES – All buses will continue to operate at half capacity. Additional resources will be available to assist should there be any capacity issues.

FACE COVERINGS – In response to the Governor’s Executive Order 2 FY20/21, July 8, 2020, cloth face coverings are required while riding on all citylink or ADA Complementary Paratransit buses. Your mask or face covering must be worn to cover your nose and mouth. Do not wear your mask or face covering under your nose or mouth. They are also required at bus shelters and bus stops. For the safety of the bus drivers and other passengers, boarding will be denied if face coverings are not worn. Children under 2 years of age will be exempt from wearing a face covering. Persons with a medical condition that prevents the wearing of a face covering are to call WMTS at 777-4563 to make alternate arrangements. Medical verification of the rider's inability to wear a face covering will be required prior to scheduling a ride. The ride will be from bus stop to bus stop.

Please be respectful of other passengers and your bus driver.

For additional information or to ask a question call 207-777-4563, and check or follow us on Twitter @purplebusla.

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