What does an MPO do?
The ATRC MPO discusses and votes on multi-modal transportation issues of region-wide significance, decides which local transportation projects should be implemented, and encourage and provide numerous opportunities for public involvement in the transportation planning process. One of the ways in which this is accomplished is through adoption of a Long Range Plan which is updated routinely. Also, based on the needs identified through the long range planning process, the MPO develops and adopts a priority list of projects for implementation each year, known at the TIP. This annual process and other activities is organized from the UPWP.

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1. What does ATRC stand for?
2. What does an MPO do?
3. What are the core functions of an MPO?
4. What is the MPO structure?
5. What is the Metropolitan Planning Organization?
6. What is the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)?
7. What is the Long Range Plan?
8. What is The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)?
9. When do the ATRC committees meet?
10. Are the ATRC meetings open to the public?