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The Lewiston-Auburn Transit Committee contracts with Western Maine Transportation Services, Inc., to operate and maintain the bus fleet.

LATC  Fleet Maintenance Plan (July 25, 2013)

LATC and WMTS contracted with maintenance consultant Halsey King and Associates, Carlsbad, CA, to conduct a reveiw of WMTS' maintenance practices, conduct an inspection of vehicles and make recommendations to improve efficiency and ensure compliance with Federal Transit Administration and MaineDOT requirements. The final report was completed December 2013.

Final Report - Western Maine Transportation Services Review and Analysis of the Maintenance Department and Buses - Halsey King and Associates, Inc., December 2013

WMTS Maintenance Reports - Compliance Requirements:
WMTS Maintenance Review August- September 2013 WMTS Maintenance Review October-November 2013         WMTS Maintenance Review December-January 2013-14
WMTS Maintenance Review February-March 2014 WMTS Maintenance Review April-May 2014 WMTS Maintenance Review June-July 2014

Maine Department of Transportation Maintenance Reviews MaineDOT Compliance Review Report - August-September 2013 MaineDOT Compliance Review Report - October-November 2013 MaineDOT Compliance Review Report - August 2013-January 2014 MaineDOT Compliance Review Report - December 2013-January 2014 MaineDOT Compliance Review Report - February-March and April-May 2014