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Bike/Ped Complete Streets 2014-2015
Bicycle/Pedestrian Study 2014 - 2016
The ATRC is conducting a study that will look into connecting Lewiston and Auburn places for bikes and pedestrians along 'State Aid' roads, create a 'Best Management Practices' manual to complement the cities recently enacted Complete Streets ordinances, and more specifically connect the Lewiston Riverside Greenway across Main Street in Lewiston to Simard-Payne Park.  This webpage will host project materials and updates to the study.

Final Documents

Task 1 - Arterial Analysis
Task 2 - BMP Manual
Task 3 - Connection to Simard-Payne Park

Public Meeting 8/23/16

Meeting Flyer

Public Meeting 5/20/15
Wednesday May 20th, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Community Room, Auburn City Hall

Meeting Flyer

ATRC-Presentation Public Meeting 052015

AVCOG-Complete Streets Revised Project Schedule-5-27-15

center street existing
sabattus existing

Public Meeting 3/3/15
Tuesday, March 3rd, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Callahan Room, Lewiston Public Library 

Meeting Flyer

Update 9/12/14
The ATRC Policy Committee has awarded the contract to the Street Plans Collaborative.  More about the team can be found here.

Project Documents for the RFP

Complete Streets RFP

Consultant General Conditions

Consultant Cost Proposal Form

Questions (Updated 8/20/14)

#1  What existing mapping does the ATRC or the cities of Lewiston and Auburn have for the streets identified in the RFP?

There are at least ESRI shapefiles with the following data available:

  • Bike Routes
  • Road shoulder type and width
  • Multi-Use paths (existing and proposed)
  • East Coast Greenway
  • Proposed Bikeways
  • Bike/Ped crash data 2003-2007
  • Bike/Ped crash data 2008-2010
  • Greenway Connectors
  • Greenway Trails - priorities
  • Bike/Ped facilities (Location, project type [bike/ped], length, cost estimate, plan
  • ATRC Bike/Ped plans
  • ATRC Long Range Plans - 2003. 2008. 2012
  • Sidewalk database - 2007
  • Walkability maps of the Barker Mill Trail - 2011

It would be up to the consultant to determine the suitability of the data and confirm its accuracy.

#2  As part of the deliverable for Task 3, is ATRC expecting a conceptual plan of the proposed connection?  Is a conceptual plan drawn on existing aerial and/or GIS information acceptable?

Yes, a conceptual plan for the proposed connection is required.  An additional accompanying report of reasoning, alternatives analysis, and phasing/cost should also be provided.

#3  Will consultant teams be considered for this assignment?

Yes, consultant teams will be allowed.

#4  What is the planned completion date for the project?

The planned completion date for the project will be December 2015.

#5  Is it anticipated that design projects may be pursued as part of a phase II to this project?

It is anticipated that feasible recommendations could be pursued via each respective city or through the ATRC capital project TIP with approval from the Policy Committee.  Such projects would be separate and not directly connected to this study.